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Organizational Initiatives Name Course Date Refugee rights and abilities Scenario: You are a Special Assistant to the Mayor of a large city. The city has increased refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan. These are political refugees resulting from the U.S. involvement in those countries. This refugee population now numbers about 15,000. They receive city services, and their children attend city schools. Since the majority does not speak English and there is no one in the city understanding their culture, the city and the schools have been experiencing problems in delivering city services and education to this population. The Mayor has asked you to develop an initiative to resolve this problem. Impacts of refugees in the city Refugees in the city put a strain on available resources. They compete with the locals for water, housing, food, land, and medical services. They demand more health facilities, natural resources, education institutions, social services, transport infrastructure, and employment. They depress wages because more people are employed, and because of inflation pressures in the economy. There are negative implications on balance of payment. The city officials will be required to rent more accommodation facilities for residential and office purposes. Extra offices will enable communication with locally engaged staff to respond to the refugee situation. The city experiences increase in construction of more houses for the refugees and a rise in demand for food (Bourgonje, 2010). The host country involves the regional and national authorities to the process of diverting labour and resources from their personal development towards maintaining the

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