Changes at Work and in Life

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Changes at Work and in Life The Message in Who Moved My Cheese The story by Spencer (1998) talks about change and how to embrace it in one’s life or within the surrounding environment. The Four Characters Representing Ourselves The story is a parable involving four characters who represent the simple and complex part of the human being. The four characters representing the four individuals in the story include resistance, anticipation using instincts, action, and indecisiveness. Some people can anticipate changes and their instincts guide them towards making them. Comparatively, others are indecisive and take the time to adapt to the forthcoming changes. Similarly, others resist change owing to the comfort they enjoy in the current position and fear. I closely relate to the character of Ham since I slowly adapt to change. I take the time to accept the shifts in the environment, and I am more afraid of following a new direction in life without the knowledge of what the outcome could be. The Maze and Cheese The maze represents the environment and the challenges within it. I relate it to the school and the career path I am pursuing. Comparatively, the cheese is what I am to be and have in life. If a situation comes up that affects the cheese, then, according to Spencer (1998), initially, I would accept the change and adapt quickly. I would consider and encourage myself that change is positive and there are many ways of achieving success. Thus, I would anticipate success and walk courageously on the new path. Benefits of Change According to Spencer (1998), the benefits of change include the creation of awareness about new opportunities, development of courage and positive

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