challenging society’s limiting gender narratives

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The Effects of Gender Stereotyping Name of Student Institutional Affiliation Abstract Almost every nation in the world faces issues of gender stereotyping, and the United States is no exception. When a society allows the practice of over-generalizations about an individual or a particular group based on the gender, the outcomes affect the entire society. Gender stereotyping and stereotypes are vices that, if not controlled, can lead to the violation of the laws of human rights. It is for the unprecedented outcomes of this issue that highlights the need to fight it. Many people feel that gender stereotyping is a problem of the females, but that view seems biased. In addition to the extensive studies on issues of gender, it is a living reality that gender stereotyping is a problem of males too. Research also shows that this problem has existed in the United States for many years. Although the American Society has tried to fight it, gender stereotyping has only taken a new twist, with the media being at the top of the list of factors that spread this problem. This paper will examine four gender-related films, aiming at challenging the American society’s limiting narratives on gender. Keywords: Gender Stereotypes, Stereotyping, United States, Men, Women Introduction Many people believe that gender stereotyping is a problem that targets women only, but that notion is untrue. Men are victims too, and, although they suffer in silence, they need help in fighting this vice. According to O’Malley (2004) gender stereotyping has existed in the United States from the 1850s when market economy emerged, and the people felt that women’s household contributions had

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