Challenging gender

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Name Professor Course Date CHALLENGING GENDER Dean Spade highly disqualifies and refutes the transgender and transsexual view as an illness and as a disorder. There is an option of choosing to have sex exchange surgery or not. The writer draws upon the concept of free will for all. That a person is free to do whatever they please and feel right and not be confined by what the society thinks is normal. Current society, though in modern times, is still confined under highly retrogressive and traditional views. They do not allow a gray area where transgenders and transsexuals can blend in and fade into the background. Most of them are treated as psychiatric patients and subjected to endless sessions with counselors and psychologists. The writer also disagrees with the concept of conventional outlook on the basis that those who are to evaluate the realness of a transgender’s identity often require some form of a story such as a background of Gender Identity Disorder to offer any type of assistance to a transgender person. The writer thus defies this rule by saying that one does not require to purport a childhood desire to become gender dysphasia. In the writer's own experience Lesbianism can occur to anyone and at any time of their life. In the words of Rachel Pollack, no one can determine what another person can be. For any transgender to obtain a surgical procedure to fulfill a certain desire to be a particular gender, then they must go through a psychological test to ensure that they do not regret their decisions later on. To be judged by a non-transgender is considered an unfair act among the transgenders. This is because these people do not know the struggle that

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