Challenges faced by canadian’s immigrant famillies

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Your name Teacher’s name Class Date Challenges Faced by Canadian Immigrant Families Immigration has rapidly become a vital global issue. Numerous circumstances contribute to the prevalent mass migration of people, especially towards western developments. The chief reasons are however economic differences and political instability. Stronger economies attract many individuals who are looking for better employment and an opportunity for upward social mobility. (Ball 8) There is also massive forced migration occasioned by political instability especially in the Middle East, the Horn of Africa as well as South America and the Far East where insecurity is still a major concern. Other reasons causing movement of people are cultural and socials factors that force individuals to migrate from politically and culturally intolerant states to democracies where their freedom and difference can be respected. (Ball 10) Canada thrives in the maxims of equality, fairness, and generosity. ("150 Years Of Immigration In Canada") As such, it is acclaimed by world bodies such as UNHCR as one of the countries with best integration practices for migrants. As a result, the country attracts considerable numbers of migrants. ("The Refugee System In Canada") Since 1991, Canada has taken in an average of 250,000 immigrants annually. This figure is expected to rise to 300000 by the end of 2016 due to the rising cases of insecurity around the globe that are resulting in increased forced immigration. In 2012, there were about half a million temporary foreign workers in Canada with the figure expected to be higher than that today. This is about a twentieth of the global estimated of

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