Challenges affecting late adulthood

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Challenges Facing Late Adulthood Name Institution Challenges Facing Late Adulthood Modern medicine and practices help in improving life expectancy and helps people to live long. However, increasing longevity does render anyone immune to old age problems or maladies. Aging comes with confronting many life challenges. The challenges are either, emotional, psychological, and physical or the social issues that people face in their last face of life. As people grow old, they tend to be financially dependent on their next of kin mainly because they could be physically unfit to work. For those who grow away from their loved ones, contending with isolation becomes a daily routine. This paper talks about depression in elderly as a social challenge to old people, which affects their wellbeing. Late adulthood also called old age starts at the age of 65 years as explained by Hoffman, Parker and Sanchez (2009). The elderly population is growing due to the much advancement in health care improving the quality of life. It is the period in which one reflects on their life and past accomplishments. Many are the problems that older adults face. These problems affect their wellbeing include addiction, depression, singlehood in old age among others. Depression is very common in old age, but it should not be treated as normal. Its effects are evident in every aspect of the life of an individual such as relationships, interest in work, hobbies, and appetite. Due to the shocking rffects of the condition, it is a significant challenge for public health. A study conducted by Brodarty and colleagues 2001 found that 52% of the geriatric patients with depression had their first episode

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