Cerebral Assymetry

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Name Institutional Affiliation Date Cerebral Asymmetry Introduction Cerebral Asymmetry can be defined as the disequilibrium in the functionality of the two sides of the brain although the two sides are nearly of similar shape and size. The two hemispheres perform different functions and are also used in different ways. The brain asymmetry means physiological, anatomical and behavioral differences between the right and the left hemispheres. The dominant hemisphere is one which is larger, superior and more active in the performance of duties. Normally, the hemisphere that is situated on the left side usually functions to gearshifts all muscles that are adjacent on the right side part, on the other hand, the major role of right hemisphere is mainly to regulate the movement of the muscles that are on the adjacent side of human body,( Longa et al ,1989). Structure of the Hemispheres Division of the brain into suture into and two hemispheres that are located on the right and the left hemispheres links the sensory and motor nerve fibers cross each other. Also, at the hypothalamus of the brain, the right hemisphere is linked to the muscles on the adjacent leftward side of the brain are linked to those muscles that are located on the adjacent right side part of the body, (Downer, 1956). Every part of each hemisphere is specialized to control the specific behavior of an individual. However, the two hemispherical sections interconnect via millions of nerve fibers that link the two hemispheres and it is called corpus callosum which is situated in the central region of the human brain just above the brainstem, (Mahadik, et al., 1984). The Broca’s Area This is a

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