Century of Struggle – The Woman’s Rights Movement in the United States

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Women Rights Name Course Date Women Rights Origin The purpose of this book was to discuss the struggles that women in the US had to go through to get their deserved rights in that time in the world. The book is divided into several sections including the start of the movements and circumstances that led to the organization of women. It also discusses the Civil War, intellectual rights of women and their role in the era of revolution. At the time of the publication of the book, the world had emerged from a huge era of revolutions not only regarding women but all human rights in general. Therefore, the book brought a life to the current circumstances and provided a clear voice to the society. The book manages to uncover the sociological movement in the American history. At that time, women in the world, in general, were having a hard time finding a place in the current world scenario. It was not only relevant to the American history or specific fields but was true for other domains as well. While a large number of women had struggled for voting rights and got their voice heard in the human jungle, the book perfectly represented the soul of the story. For instance, the suffrage of 1920 when there was a bitter disappointment in the national policies regarding women rights, the book discusses the struggles and provides a picture of the whole era. The book discusses several intellectual struggles that women in the US went through other than the suffrage. 1950’a was in particular considered to be a century of scuffle for women. Starting from the right to vote and many campaigns that led to giving them their basic rights, this book records the compelling story of

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