Cellphone addictions

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Details Date Cellphone Addictions The 21st century has seen tremendous changes in the communications industry. Phones have evolved from feature phones to fully equipped computers on the palm. Smartphones are smart as the name suggest for they cannot be compared to their predecessors, the feature phones. People affected most by smartphones are the youths. If a youth is not surfing the internet, they are taking ‘selfies’ that are later to be posted onto the several social platforms that exist. The youths are the most affected and adults of below 35 years. Cell phone addiction is slowly becoming a menace at work, school and at home; the effects of phone addiction are serious. Cell phone addiction is the careless and aimless use of a cell phone with no expected outcome. Several accidents since the beginning of the 21st century have been attributed to the use of phones while driving. Life and property get lost when accidents occur as a result of driving while on the phone. Jurisdictions have undertaken to pass laws that bar drivers from using phones while driving but still drivers find new ways of subverting government directives. The ripple effect that accidents cause to the community is far-reaching. Young persons are known to be fond of playing games on their smartphones. What drives the notch of game playing higher is the presence of online games where people can play for gain. Internet service providers have over the past decade slashed internet access prices by more than half. Cheap internet access encourages online game playing. A person spends more hours on the phone neglecting other parts of their social

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