Cell Phones Essay Examples

cell phones that the drivers use while they are driving on the roads? In most cases, you will realize that when an accident occurs, the driver must have been using his/her mobile phone to text someone or involved in the phone call. I know most of us in one way or the other have used vehicles as drivers or as passengers when we or when the driver is using the cell phone when driving ("WHO | Mobile phone use: a growing problem of driver distraction", 2011). Some of the things that we realize are the unnecessary emergency brakes, or some of the bumps and potholes are not noticed by the driver. In some cases the driver might be over speeding without noticing, and also driver might not even hear the alarm...

cell phones while driving, providing use of safety belts and managing speed limits, setting up road signs, flashing yellow lights, and red light cameras. 7. www.txdot.gov/driver/laws.html8. Differences in speed limits for Texas, Florida, and Maryland: the maximum Highway speed under Texas law is 85mph, Florida is 70mph, and Maryland is 65mph. Similarities in reckless driving regulations: there is no reckless driving threshold in the states of Texas, Florida, and Maryland with a misdemeanor penalty in case of reckless driving. 9. The issue of driving safety falls under the vehicles and traffic laws of the state of Texas. This means the state governments have to be entirely involved in traffic...

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cell phones have changed communication Introduction Advancement in communication technology has been one of the greatest success stories of the world. Handheld cell phones were introduced by Motorola Company in 1973 (Maggie N.p). The phone was big, heavy and expensive which made it difficult for people to access them. Through investment in research, their sizes and cost have been reduced. Smartphones with computer features have been developed in the recent times. The presence of cell phones has changed people’s lives through various ways for the better. Connecting the World The world is a global village lately which makes it necessary for ease of communication. Cell phones have filled this gap...

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