Cell phones negative effect on society.

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Cell Phone Negative Effects on Society Name Institutional affiliation Date Abstract The use of cell phones has gained worldwide acceptance over the years making the mobile devices be a familiar if not a necessary component of human communication. Cell phones have eased communication between people separated by long distances. However, various studies have revealed different findings concerning the adverse effects of prolonged use of cell phones to individuals and the society as a whole. The use of mobile phones has altered and reshaped different aspects of communication as well as personal health. The way people communicate and interact with each other has changed drastically with the adoption of cell phones. The consequences and concerns in the use of mobile phones have also been recorded in other areas such as road carnage. Drawing arguments from previous research, this paper analyzes the harmful effects of cell phone use to the society and suggests the necessity of understanding the consequences of mobile phone use if some of the concerns are to be addressed. Keywords: cell phones, face to face communication, road carnage, hearing impairment Cell Phone Negative Effects on Society Introduction The growth in mobile phone telecommunication has been on a significant rise for the past two decades. Data collected around the world indicate that up to half of the total population use the technology. Rapid achievement witnessed in cellphone communication begun in the 1980s when devices would only transmit sound based on analog technology while the second generation cell phones were pegged on digital transmission. The third generation mobile phones are more

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