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cell membrane (Hedlund, Et al. 865). Extremophiles and Metabolic Diversity Extremophiles exist in an environment of extreme conditions since they have dynamic flexibility that enables them to adjust to any condition (Hedlund, Et al. 865). For instance, the viable bacterial spores have a long lifespan on earth due to its extreme endurance to radiations and other life-threatening conditions. Microorganisms would often survive wherever they are found. The diverse genetic lineage is a common feature that enhances their ability to exist under any conditions (Tazi Et al., 525). The metabolic diversity also changes based on the increased catalytic activity and amino acid accumulation. The use of heat...

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cell membrane (Chudobova et al., 2014). The gram-positive bacteria have a two-walled membrane that helps retain the stain. Their cell membrane is composed of a cytoplasmic membrane and a cell wall. The cell wall is basically made up of peptidoglycan-polysaccharide that is important in providing the bacteria with resilience and rigidity (Clutterbuck et al., 2007). Additionally, this compound is useful for the bacteria’s capability to stain. On the other hand, gram-negative bacteria have three cell wall layers namely; the outer membrane, periplasmic space, and a cytoplasmic layer. The outermost membrane and cytoplasmic layer are made up of phospholipids. The peptidoglycan layer is situated in the...

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cell membrane and not a wall. The plasma membrane in both the prokaryote and eukaryote cells make it easy for them to survive since it separates the cells from the external environment. Plasma membrane consists of phospholipids which carry out the functions of most of the proteins. For survival, plasma membrane also performs the function of moving material in and out of the cells. The sexual or asexual nature in both Eukaryotic and prokaryote respectively is vital for the survival of the cells within the body. These cells are capable of multiplying faster to perform their functions in the body of either plants or animals. Finally, the cell walls in prokaryotic acts as a protective barrier for any...

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Cell analogy


cell membrane for an animal cell similar to the shopping mall doors. This cell membrane has three layers in its complex structure. The wall limits what goes into the cell and goes out just as a mall’s wall keeps away thieves and burglars. It works like a door not allowing huge items inside. For example, one cannot enter into the mall while driving their car or a tractor. The cell wall in the plant cell is hard enough to protect the cell membrane and other organelles. It is a protective cover of the cell that ensures that the integrity of the cell membrane is maintained at all times. Without the cell wall in plant cells, it would be destroyed by any objects and interferences in the environment....