Causes of divorce

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Causes and Consequences of Divorce Your name Institution Date Causes and Consequences of Divorce In the United States of America, approximately 41% of all first-time marriages will end up divorcing. The risk even grows higher for all second-time marriages to around 60%. The risk continues to increase for all third time marriages to 73 percent. There are different reasons for divorce. For example, some people marry at a very early age, therefore, unable to handle and manage marriage challenges (Papps, 2012). Other people live together before marriage hence causing future mistrust in their relationship. Some divorce because of money issues, infidelity, sexual libido differences, interference of ex-partners, or children from former marriages. Other causes are interference from parents. Also, some partners may be unhappy in the relationship, poor communication, physical or emotional abuse, lack of commitment, or inequality in the relationship. Likewise, alcoholism and or addiction issues, parenting arguments or issues, premarital pregnancy, one or both partners coming from families that experienced divorce before, unrealistic expectations, a partner feeling insecure, lack of religious affiliation, less education or changes in a woman’s role can cause divorce. However, people should try their best to save their marriage. The reason being some of the separation problems are minor, whereby the couple can discuss and fix them on their own or with a counselor's help. There are several effects of divorce on the parents and children. The main focus for writing this paper is to discuss the reasons why people should not divorce. Divorce is always stressful to the

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