Causes, Impacts and Implemented Changes of Network Capacity on Trucks

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Causes, Impacts and Implemented Changes of Network Capacity on Trucks Causes of Network Capacity on Trucks Network Capacity is the probability that a particular network of roads can comfortably accommodate traffic demand to a certain degree. In the recent past, the transport sector across the globe has witnessed growing demand to investigate causes and limitation of road freight demands. One research conducted in the past aimed at fixing problems associated with network capacity on roads, rails, and water. One of the recent reports carried out in 12 European countries found that about 32% of all trips made by the tracks are empty whereas the percentage of loaded tracks remained constant at an average of 52% between 1992 and 2010 (Sullivan et al., 2010). Network capacity utilization of tracks could be triggered by economic factors such as firms’ aims to optimize profitability and how market features affect utilization of the network. The degree of network capacity utilization by trucks is a clear indication of how economic resources are being geared towards economic development. The more the economy advances, the more the road network system will be loaded with trucks from one point to the other (Figliozzi, 2011). Commercial activities increase with increased production and distribution of commodities to their respective destination. The distance between travel points in a network is another cause of network capacity. The number of Kilometers a track travels while carrying loads causes the network capacity of freight to experience congestion, as well as, dispersion. When the distance is shorter, congestion of tracks in the roads will be experienced and whenever the

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