Cause and effect of breast cancer

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Name Instructor Course Date Cause and effect of breast cancer Breast cancer refers to the unrestrained growth of breast cells. It is caused by mutations or abnormal changes in genes regulating the growth of cells. The mutation changes some genes while turning off others causing a change in the original cell. Mutational cell gains the ability to multiply severally without control producing more cells of the same kind forming a tumor. Benign tumors are known to occur gradually, and they do not affect neighboring tissues. Similarly, they do not spread to the rest of the body. Untreated malicious cells spread further than the original lump to other body parts. The role of this research paper is to discuss possible causes of breast cancer and their effects to human health. Breast cancer begins in lobules’ cells that act as the milk storage. It may also begin in breast ducts that join lobules and nipples. Less normally, breast cancer starts in stromal tissues (the blubbery and leathery connective tissues in the breast). As time goes, cancer invades neighboring tissues spreading toward the underarm lymph swellings that clean out extraneous substances in the body. The risk is that of later spreading to the rest of the body. Although numerous risk factors increase chances of emerging breast cancer, it is not yet recognized how it grounds cells to become tumorous. Hormones have recently played a big part in numerous cases of breast cancer. Nevertheless, how this happens has not yet understood. Ordinary blood cells become cancerous because of DNA mutation which is either inherited or acquired. One cause of breast cancer is the Oncogenes. Oncogenes speeds or generates

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