Cause and Effect Argument Essay Assignment

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Is There Need To Legalize The Sale Of Human Organs? Name Institution Is There Need To Legalize The Sale Of Human Organs? Currently, there are calls across the world for consideration of the merits associated with the market where the sale of human organs is legalized. A discussion on the need a have people make sales of the organs would enable for a well-informed decision in this matter that is of both moral and medical value. As it stands, thousands of people are at risk losing their lives before finding an appropriate donor. Several people are ever on the list waiting for transplant activity while a good number of them also lose their lives annually before accessing the organ (Cohen, 2012). On the same note, the figures keep on rising yearly by a figure close to ten percent. However, there are major concerns with the introduction of payments for those persons who are willing to donate their organs. The concern here is that the move would lead to poor and vulnerability of these persons due to pressure in solving their financial turmoil through a sale of their body parts or organs in this case. Indeed a market for the sale of human organs that is also properly regulated needs to be allowed so that irregular sale of organs if not faced out at least would decrease dramatically. In fact, the effects that associate with the black among the patients are so desperate in having the transplant operation such that they end up making trips abroad in search of the organs (Cohen, 2012). Transplant tourism as it may be called in many circumstances leads to unsuccessful operations that need extra surgery operations when the patient returns to his or her native homeland. In

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