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Author Tutor Course Date. Helicopter Parenting. Parental involvement is crucial to a child’s development into an adult. Most parents will go to the extent of sacrificing their happiness to make sure that their children get the best in life. Being a parent that is always there for a child is one thing, however over interfering with their lives and making every decision is not the best thing to do. The metaphor “Helicopter Parents” gained popularity after Foster Cline and Jim Fay wrote their article on Parenting with Love and Logic (23). By the 2000s, college administrators were using it to refer to overprotective parents. A helicopter parent is one who continually communicates with their children, intervenes in their affairs, decides for them, personally invests in the child’s goals and removes all the obstacles that the kid may encounter. As the name suggests, they are always hovering over their child. Helicopter parenting has a negative effect on the children’s mental health and limit their ability to think and act autonomously. The adverse effect of helicopter parenting is severe in the young adults in colleges and high school, especially on their mental health. According to research, students who had their parents over-involved in their lives were reported to have lower psychological well-being and mental health issues especially depression and anxiety (""Helicopter Parents" Stir Up Anxiety, Depression: IU News Room: Indiana University."). The drastic transition from the home environment to college setting is usually very hard for such kids. The young adult is not equipped with coping skills to handle the stresses they face in life. In addition to

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