Catholic denomination

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Student’s name Instructor name Course Date Catholics Denomination Part one Question 1 Prayer is an intercession between a natural being and a spiritual deity. This is because it creates an avenue for a spiritual communication between the parties. Question 2 The forms of Catholic prayers include the Adoration, in this form of prayer people acknowledge the prowess of God and their reliance to him. Another type of prayer is Contrition. In this prayer, people seek penitently for God’s forgiveness. Petition prayer is also called a benevolent prayer. In this prayer, people request benevolent regard from God from their transgression. Lastly is the thanksgiving prayer. This is a prayer of appreciation to God’s favor and love for the abundance of gift such that of life they have been granted freely. Question 3 The Catholic sacramentality is inspired by the notion of Jesus love, which is demonstrated through crucifixion and resurrection (Schwaller 1). The sacrament is perceived as a tangible presence of God among the Catholic Christians Question 4 Baptism. This is the foremost type of the sacrament. A Christian is incorporated in the church and the life in God where he or she is given a new holy name. Confirmation. This type of sacrament is given in maturing stage. It signifies continuous supplication of strength from God to overcome various temptations. Eucharist. It represents the body and blood of Christ. It nourishes Christians’ spiritual being. Reconciliation. It extols God’s ability to forgive and have mercy over the Christians’ sins by rejuvenating unity with members of the church. Anointing. It demonstrates the healing power of God. The

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