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catering for the extra expenditure created by the new bill if they are to utilize the ideas. The additional budgets will comprise of physical training, changing the education system to incorporate health education, ensuring that each school has enough and competent personnel to train on healthy lifestyles and many others. The community members also require medical practitioners to guide them on healthy eating and desirable lifestyle which the government must consider costs of paying. References Dereck, S. B & McBride, T. D. (2015). Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Access to Care for US Adults with Diabetes, 2011-2012. Preventing Chronic Diseases.

catering, promotional items, staff rime, entertainment, sound, and lighting equipment are the primary expenses of the event. Since the occasion will be organized by various non-profit organizations in the country, the CEO of each institution will be part of the leadership team. The venue for the event will be a high profile hotel that will be booked in advance through the acquisition of various permits and implementation of the necessary payments. Besides advertising, there will be multiple platforms such as print media, television, and social media, and organizers will send personal invitations to potential participants through their direct mails. Q3: Nonprofits Controversy Article The Cancer...

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catering for seniors. It is likely that this is the reason behind its slow growth rate. Recommended Solutions All the candidates come from different ethnical backgrounds which is a good thing since ethnicity has no impact on a person’s performance. What matters the most is how an individual presents himself or herself to the staff and patients. Of the three candidates, Felipe seems to be the fit person for the task. He recently got a master’s degree, and yet he has not even reached age 30 (Richardson & Webber, 2012). Felipe is ambitious and has put all his focus in his career. Also since he is just fresh from school, he is likely to bring in the new changes that the financial department is...