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Name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Vodafone Egypt Case Study The Vodafone Egypt case study presents an intricate scenario whereby Vodafone Egypt was caught up in the country’s politics. In early 2011, a political storm was brewing in Egypt and even spreading to other Arab countries. The revolt against Mubarak’s 30-year-rule was characterized by massive protests in towns across Egypt and was being attributed to the massive internet penetration in the country. As a measure to control the situation, the government directed internet providers, Vodafone Egypt being one of them, to shut the internet to thwart online communication and hence public gatherings. Additionally, the company was required to send pro-government texts to the citizens. It is this development that put Dowidar, the CEO of Vodafone in a precarious situation knowing very well that obeying such a directive will have far-reaching ethical and financial consequences on the business operations of the company. Equally, disobeying such a direction would have serious legal ramifications from the government side. There is no doubt he was in a dilemma and had to make a crucial managerial decision with each course of action likely to have serious consequences. However, the Vodafone Egypt situation is not an isolated case as corporations in countries such as Ukraine and Turkey have faced similar challenges in the recent past. The common factor affecting Vodafone Egypt and corporations in Ukraine and Turkey is a socio-political situation that involves unpredictable popular revolts with far-reaching consequences on the society, economy and the respective countries politics. Such situations bring into the

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