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Case study on mind-body techniques Name Institution Chronic pain has been found to be a common condition especially among the people who are old affecting up to 50 percent of the older adults within the communities. It is associated with the numerous chronic diseases including hypertension, dyslipidemia, depression, diabetes mellitus, and chronic lower back pain. Lack of pain management through physician training among the older adults as well as side effects that are caused by the increased subjection to medication and their use are some of the reasons behind chronic pain (Morone, & Greco, 2007). The situation calls for the relief of the emotional and psychological pains in older adults by application of mind-body therapies aimed at reducing chronic pain. For the case of Mr. Yakisoma, yoga mind-body technique will be important since is controlled breathing, relaxation, and stretching exercise. The objectives of Yoga include: • To help reduce stress, blood pressure and improve functioning of the heart • To increase strength and flexibility • To help control the body and quiet the mind Yoga will be used for the treatment of chronic pain including the lower back pain, insomnia, stress reduction and the mood. The patient has to undergo the series of movements or to relax completely while lying down on the floor. The patient can as well stretch the physical limits and make other postures that are difficult as he lies on the floor. Based on the research, yoga the Indian culture is an originator of the yoga dating back in the past 2000 years. In Hatha yoga, the body is held in various postures or poses for a certain period lasting for 1 to 2 hours

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