Case Study: Unmasking Manly Men

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Case Study: Unmasking Manly Men Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Abstract Unmasking Manly Men is a case that is based on how norms and roles define us as individuals. For instances, individuals working in oil rigs, which are demanding, dangerous, and dirty, are said to be masculine and daring. A change in behavior is needed to assist in changing these perceptions that are common among the people and especially the men in the areas that they can work. Management of different organizations is expected to foster safety measures for the employees and help the employees in the attitude shift. Enhancing the safety of employees will significantly reduce the number of accidents that are faced within a workplace. Other measures should also be put in place to encourage a work environment that has a mixed-gender to eliminate discrimination and increase productivity through working as a team. Sexual harassment at the place of work should be discouraged. The management should serve as role models to eliminate the culture of macho at the workplace. Keywords: role, behavior, safety, attitude, mixed-gender 1. How do the concepts of roles and norms figure into this case? Explain The concept of roles and norms are presented in this case regarding the “expected” behavior of an individual working on certain jobs. The roles represent expected a way of behaving. The history of the machismo culture in the oil rigs, a preconceived expectation of the behavior is common. The job is viewed as dirty, demanding, and quite dangerous. Management should communicate the need to change and act as role models. Norms are termed as shared opinions,

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