Case Study – The Elderly

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Name Instructor Course Date Case Study - The Elderly Basic Factors in Mrs. Perez’s Health Biophysical. Mrs. Perez’s age is critical to her health condition. She is 73 years old. At that high age, Perez is vulnerable to different types of diseases including heart disease. Her body tissues are weak. Perez is also asthmatic, making her experience difficulty in breathing. Physical environmental. The fact that many people tend to suffer from asthma, influenza, pneumonia, and bronchitis in Perez’s location or community might also affect her health condition Sociocultural. Perez lives alone. She lacks someone to take care of her and help her follow her medical prescriptions, especially, when she is overwhelmed. She also keeps cats, which according to Pope, Patterson, and Burge are significant triggers of conditions such as asthma (99). Dander, urine, skin flakes and saliva from cats are allergens. Behavioral. Perez has the habit of smoking. She uses two packets of cigarettes every day, and that can be extremely detrimental to her health and recuperation. Health system. There is no proper follow-up on patients to ascertain their health conditions after treatment. Strategies to Solving Mrs. Perez’s Problems Primary. As primary intervention mechanisms, Mrs. Perez should eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and stop smoking to prevent ill-health conditions. Secondary. Perez should go for medical exams and screening tests regularly to detect diseases, such as asthma, in their earliest stages for ease of treatment. Perez should also stay away from her cats as they are the source of allergens that exacerbate her condition. Tertiary. After treating

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