Case Study Review #3- Blackberry

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Name Professor Course Date Why the connectivity between Blackberry’s RIMS has become such an important part of the contemporary business and government community The history of RIM as business tool manufacturer has for real had a significant influence in the promotion of its consumable products (Gruman 3). The promotional products have been responsible for the development of Business Users that pay attention to the increment in productivity and profits that Blackberry has the capability of injecting into the organization. Secondly, as RIM has come up with new products and wider markets that have placed the company in the promotion of BlackBerry as that tool meant for business audience towards the incorporation of slightly much mixed Prosumer audience whereas present it has the target of the consumable market with Pearl (Gruman 4). The impact of this action is due to the idea of the increment in production as depicted in the management tool where an individual should only utilize for professional life and personal life. Also, the attention on productivity has moved from that only focuses on profit increments on the concept of increment in investment returns for an individual’s family life while ensuring the maintenance of a career that is demanding in terms of time (Ladurantaye, McNish and Silcoff 2). Finally, RIM has itself subscribed to the utilization of products following it messaging thus leading to the creation of aspiration goals fit for both personal and work life as they seek to ensure the successful utilization of their products in these areas. In this regard, RIM makes use of metaphor through the equation of success with connectivity. For instance,

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