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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Case Study/ Project Management. You Have Been Called In As A Consultant To Analyze The Operations At WRU. What Would You Advise? WRU is a small-medium enterprise that is focused on the design and development of widgets and follows the functional organization model of business. Primarily, this design served it efficiently, but later on, the business was unable to cope with the ever-changing market demands. Therefore, as a consultant hired to analyze the business operations and advice the management, I would advise them as follows; Internal communication must be restructured so that the flow of information is efficient, and they should aim at reducing the cost of producing widgets so that the merchandises can be sold at a friendly market price. Furthermore, the quality of the widgets should be improved and they should be made available in the market within the shortest time. At the same time, the business can bring in new technology that can assist to produce quality products and the customer demands should be identified through research (Luftman et al. 26). Alternatively, the whole engineering and production departments can be revamped and focus can be concentrated in the research and development because the lack of innovation is killing the company. The enterprise can follow these suggestions to improve. What Structural Design Changes Might Be Undertaken To Improve The Operations Of The Company? The company has continued to make losses by remaining committed to its functional structure. As a consultant, the best structure to adopt at this point is the project structure. It is a method that can help improve

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