Case Study Investigation

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Case Study Investigation Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Case Study Investigation Part 1: Biography and Influence Introduction The United States has had countless leaders since its independence. The nation's leadership has depended on a two-party system. Arguably, most of those who have risen to the presidency level have been in politics for a long time. Many factors have always determined the need for one to fit the office. If the background of most of the leaders is examined, it is easy to state that most of them were natured in well-off backgrounds. Having the head United States of America as a selfless person from a humble background seemed an impossible task for a long time, but the events are different with Herbert Hoover. None of the contestants was assured of the seat, how did Hoover rise? In the study, three theories will be applied to analyze Herbert Hoover. They include the socioemotional development theory, Kohlberg’s theory of moral development and the social cognitive theory. The socioemotional theory had Erik Erikson in one version and Bingham and Stryker in the other. Erikson’s socioemotional development theory has the tragedies in its adulthood limited to the factors that are linked to the ego and issues of generality. On the other hand, Bingham and Stryker’s theory had them limited to components that relate to life achievements which include relationships, workplaces and social obligations. The study may raise ethical concerns since the dignity of some participants in the study will be in question. The review shall have biased assertions because of the quantity and intention of the available information. Most of the information

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