Case Study – IKEA

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Name Professor’s name Course number Date Case Study - IKEA i.Introduction IKEA has the record of being the major furniture retailer in the world. It is a Swedish worldwide company that specializes in designing and selling various items including home accessories, appliances as well as ready-to-assemble furniture. The company was founded in 1943 by its founder Ingvar Kamprad. The company has over 225 stores all over the world and about 90000 employees. This company has been very innovative in creating its products, and as such, it has gained the confidence of consumers. The highly creative and innovative goods have attracted a lot of customers. The company has been addressing the needs of its customers well, and this has made the company successful. This paper seeks to analyze this company in details (Ross 113). ii.Case study background According to IKEA case study is that IKEA has continued to attack its competitors by being as innovative as possible. Its victory can also be attributed to the fact that the company offers valuable products that make a difference in the lives of consumers. Kamprad began the company when he realized that the small business he had started was doing very well. At age nine he was selling matchboxes door to door but started to sell soap, stockings, and seedlings at 17 years. He realized that the business was performing greatly and therefore decided to start a company and decided to name it IKEA. IKEA's goal was to ensure that its competitors had reduced significantly. The furniture business has lead IKEA to be a successful company since it has an approximate of

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