Case Study: Cell Biology and Genetics

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Cell Biology and Genetics Author’s Name Institution Cell Biology: Maria’s Case Ischemia is a condition caused by insufficient blood flow in the body that results in poor oxygenation of the tissues (Silveira et al., 2015). Several factors may result in this condition. One of the leading causes is arteriosclerosis. It refers to the hardening and narrowing of the arteries as a result of an accumulation of fat on the walls. Fat, when in excess, collects on the arterial walls and forms a plaque that hardens with time. The narrowing of the arteries provides that the blood volume that gets to the tissues reduces. It is a very probable cause of ischemia since Marie is already overweight. The fact that she is sedentary means that the excess fat stored in her body does not reduce but instead hardens along the blood vessels. Arteriosclerosis may also result in high blood pressure due to the narrowing of the arteries. The patient has hypertension, as indicated by the 184/98 mm Hg mark. At times the fatty plaque found in the arteries collects together to form a clot. Clots are dangerous to the human health and a sure cause of ischemia. They may also result in heart failure or stroke. The fact that Marie gets tired easily as she works may be the result of low energy that comes with age. However, together with the other symptoms that she exhibits, it could be the result of ischemia. Ischemia eventually results in hypoxia. Hypoxia is merely a deficiency of oxygen in the tissues (Netzer et al., 2015). When arteries have blockage along their path, low volume of blood reaches the tissues and therefore resulting in poor oxygenation. Metabolism and other bodily functions

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