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Nelson Mandela is one of the most decorated ad respected leader Africa, and the entire world has ever had. Many leaders on earth widely accept his contribution to the progress of the South African democracy. The efforts in reuniting the South African people led to him being awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Leadership being a challenging and arduous task for any heads of states, to him it was a passion driven journey and accepted defeat whenever it came his way. The icon had a great desire to deliver social justice in his country and act as an example for other states to emulate. He completed his degree in law in prison while serving a 27 years term. These sought of determination is thus attributed to the success he has achieved during his leadership as the first black president of South Africa. It is, therefore, critical for leaders to be engaged in building a cohesive and peaceful nation. These are achieved through transformational leadership which is orchestrated by passion and inspiration for change in social systems. Mandela’s Leadership Style The success of South Africa under the leadership of Nelson Mandela is found on his transformational leadership style. Driven by a desire for social change in the country, he pursued a degree in law to aid his efforts to establish a peaceful society (McShane, Olekalns & Travaglione, 2013, p. 392). The desire to end the apartheid and enlighten the society of their social justice was the core milestones he achieved in his leadership. The social system of the country thus changed allowing racial discrimination to be eradicated in his country. Other than being liberal minded and social person, Mandela had a worldwide

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