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Case Study: Recommendations for TOMS Shoe Company Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Case Study: Recommendations for TOMS Shoe Company TOMS Shoe Company has achieved growth and expansion since its foundation. However, new trends and changes in both internal and external environments require that it change to not only survive in the market but also outshine others in the market. In a previous analysis, a handful of issues affecting TOMS were identified. Consequently, this study recommends strategies that can be used to address these issues. Such approaches are the adoption of a new for-profit business model and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), product differentiation, cost cutting methods and finding partners. Table1 Showing the recommendations and the expected outcomes Recommendation The Expected Outcomes Develop a new for-profit business model and implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program to continue with philanthropy. Increased transparency, integrity, and public trust. Attracts potential volunteers and partners. Increased productivity and profitability. Improved brand image. CSR program opens opportunities for the company to engage in environmental protection initiatives (Flammer, 2013). Products and services differentiation. Reduced market threats through the development of unique products thereby reducing the likelihood of substitutes. The improved competitive advantage in the market. Improved customer loyalty and trust to the brand. Improved customer satisfaction and value. Cut the production costs through the use of cheap labor and local material. Reduce operation and logistics costs due to the use of cheap materials

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