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Name Professor Course Date The Mary Kay Way Recognition and appreciation are among the significant factors that will always motivate workers to work harder. I was praised by a coworker a couple of months ago after feeling inexperienced to carry out an unfamiliar task. He gave me a look and told me I was lucky to be the youngest worker. Besides, being young meant I would be more productive. It was very encouraging as there was an added energy to learn and adapt to the procedure quickly. Praising employees for their accomplishment in front of other workers stimulates everybody to work harder and show their hidden talents (Humphrey 126). As an employer, one needs to know the employees’ performance and recognize an opportunity to give praise, reward or both. It is uncommon for employees to complain of overpraising in the work environment (Humphrey 147). Employers should acknowledge their employees on a weekly basis to keep them engaged. Praise for a commendable work has a shelf life of only a week; thus, every few months does not cut it. Everything on earth is instantaneous and social. Recognizing a good project on a weekly basis is advisable and even most of the time if it is verbal praise. It would only take a four or five-minute conversation. Most employees would undoubtedly appreciate extra money, but it will not buy loyalty and engagement. Non-financial incentives engage and inspire workers in ways which money is incapable of doing. Incentives such as creating a wall of fame for recognized employees, enabling flexible working hours, giving thank you notes, hosting a party for identified employees, picnics, giving vouchers and trophies are all better ways of

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