Case Study 14

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Name Institution Course Date Case 14 A 1. The hospital administration was justified in disciplining the doctors and nurses because they had damaged the reputation of the hospital. By posting the slurs and derogatory information about their clients on social media, the employees were much aware that the information would go public. Having their photos in uniform clearly showing the logo and the name of the hospital was assurance that anyone who came across the post would identify from the institution the bloggers were from. This had a direct impact on the reputation of the hospital as the patients will feel uncomfortable to visit the hospital (Morley, 1). They also broke the code of conducts by posting derogatory information against the mentally ill, homosexuals and economically disadvantage thus discriminating them. Due to these facts, the office administration had the right to take disciplinary action since passed the Millhaven test that for a disciplinary action to be taken against an off-duty employee conduct, "the conduct of the griever harms the Company’s reputation or product” (Morley, 12). 2. Consequently, if I were the supervisor I would have persuaded the doctors and nurses to pull down the posts in order minimizes future damage by anyone who would visit their pages in future. If the employee decline to do so, I would use the necessary means such as requesting the office administration to seek legal means in which the employees would be order to delete the posts. 3. Contrarily, the case was still not an example of an effective disciplinary action as the employees were to return to the same place and to serve the same clients. Having posted the

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