Case Law Analysis

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Case Law AnalysisName Institution Caw Law AnalysisThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is an agency that allows fair treatment in the workplace. In other words, it ensures adherence to civil rights laws in work areas. The organization was established in 1965 and has solved many cases dealing with race, sex, origin, religion cases among others. This paper aims to analyze a racial discrimination case that was handled by the EEOC. In October 2012, a case arose against the AA Foundries Incorporated company on the grounds of racial discrimination (U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2012). The complaint was filed by several black employees in the San Antonio plant to the EEOC. The facility was under a white supervisor, Ronnie Hunt, who was found guilty of using “the nigga word” to refer to the black employees. On top of this, he insulted them by calling them “these motherfucking boys” and posted racially discriminative material in the break room. The material had phrases such as “you people” indicating the African-American employees. He also accused the employees of stealing and “always wanting welfare.” The employees were fed up with the racial slurs and reported the harassment to the EEOC. A while later, a noose was seen in the workplace which many interpreted as a form of threat. The white supervisor argued that it was not a big deal and many who complained were being too sensitive. In fact, during the court proceedings, the supervisor commented that he did not have an issue with derogatory terms in the workplace. The court found that the company was in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The case was dealt

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