Case Analysis on Operation Management

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Background information on the company Dopec is a refined cooking oil production company that has managed to maintain its brand image over the years; the company has been among the top oil manufacturing companies regarding quality and profit margins. It has in the past attracted a wide range of investor, career builders, and creditors. Activity being analyzed Dopec has reported a decrease in profit margin over a period of two financial years. Though this company has managed to build its brand over the years and remain competitive its reduction in profit margins has raised concerns among all stakeholders. It is associated with its operation which has been poorly managed, and at the same time, its production process does not meet the modern technological trends. Theoretical framework Instruction to the operation and organizational context The company’s success is entirely dependent on the strategy adopted that is the literature’s adopted policy and economics. All staff and consultants were engaged in the identification of the best performance indicators and the realistic approach for performance improvement. Data collection was done through questionnaires given to the concerned team. Key issues with the operation The main problems with Dopec were on poor delegation structure and management skills. The weak and complex managerial system could however not meet the pressure of the industry leading to poor qualities and slow production rates. Some of the critical issues that I identified included increase in production reject standard; packaging rejects rate and customer reject rate. The rate at which products

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