Case #2 is on Leadership. Your are to read the short case attached here in and answer the 3 questions at the end of the case. YOUR ARE TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS APPLYING FIEDLER’S CONTINGENCY THEORY

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: The Necessity of the Diagnosis and Resulting Profile Made by Management Analysis Corporation – Case Study The diagnosis and profile prepared were of the essence because the company had to recruit best managers to further the goals of the company. The Fiedler's Contingency Plan was the best way to rate the recruits’ abilities as it successfully led to the recruitment of the three managers. The plan results from two factors that include leadership style and situational control. Leadership in such a company requires much more than task orientation. The profile was, however, able to address the issue by identifying an optimum point whereby the interests of the enterprise, employees, and the managers were catered for. Alternatives to Modify Joe Morris's Potential Effectiveness The effectiveness of a manager is a crucial element in the success of a company. There exist several ways to improve it other than through Fiedler's Contingency Model. Morris was not a trained manager, which makes managerial training important for him. Effective leadership can be achieved by a manager who uses skills learned in a managerial class. Secondly, reasonable targets for a managerial newbie like Morris should be set out because setting very high goals for him would be counterproductive as he needs more time to learn and adapt to the new position. Why it will be Difficult for Morris to modify his Style Morris will encounter some difficulties when trying to modify his style because he has all along been involved in the production department, whereby the responsibilities are different from his current position. He will also encounter the

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