Case 15

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Name Institution Course Date Case 15A 1. Bringing change to The Crystal Company is a challenge that the management should be expecting and should be ready to solve. There are many reasons why people resist change (Rick, 1). In the case of The Crystal Company, the employees might resist change due to the fear of unknown. This is where they don’t understand what will be brought about by the change or even how they will be affected by that change. The other reason could be that the people are already in a comfort zone and are contented with the way things are done, therefore, are not ready to welcome any new ways of doing things as this might demand more from them. Another reason why they would resist change is due to lack of communication. If the management does not do enough pitching to their employees and clients on why the change is necessary, there is likely to be resistance to changing to the new product. Lack of enough consultation could also be another reason for resistance. If the people who are working for the company as well as those consuming the produced are not consulted enough before producing it, there is a high possibility that the people will not support it (Rick, 1). 2. For the Crystal Company to have a positive and accepted change, they need to tackle the main reason why the change might be resisted. This will mean that the people should be consulted enough and have the people suggest what they will need to be catered for in the new project to reflect their needs. It is also important that the company does enough communication with those who are like to be affected by the change. This will eliminate problems like the fear of unknown and well

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