Case 10C Case study Analysis .

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Case 10C; Case Study Analysis Name Institution Case 10C; Case Study Analysis Abstract A very confusing ethical situation in clinical medicine is when doctors face challenges in deciding when to withdraw or withhold treatments. Medical futile involve complex decisions, especially when physicians are less experienced with specific discussions or when families and care providers disagree on particular benefits from treating procedures. Also, cultural disparities may result in more misunderstandings, and this happens when individuals hold some beliefs that are against the clinical assessment. Usually, physicians are ethically urged to advise patients and families, when to stop treatments in favor of supportive care. Healthcare resources are supposed to be utilized responsibly, and medical professionals need to consider that before invoking patients’ autonomy. If patient autonomy is used to justify acceptance of medical treatments for non-beneficial services, it becomes a violation of professional integrity. Doctors or nurses are required to adhere to intellectual standards, by submitting clinical judgments which are evidenced based. Patients health-related interests need be protected as a primary concern. Keywords: Professional, clinicians, medical decisions, futility, patients, autonomy, medical ethics, treatments Factors Leading to Non-Beneficial Treatment Request Poor acceptance of prognosis is one of the factors that result in non-beneficial medical needs. Many clinicians experience family pressure, as individuals require doctors to continue treating their relative at the end of life. The family fails to understand and accept medical reports which forecast

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