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Bad choices


Home,” and “Dimension” Short Stories Daily people are forced to make choices concerning different things or issues in their life. The decision or action a person makes in their life determines the consequences they receive eventually. If a person is responsible and makes the right choice, the outcome would be lead to better results. However, if a person is irresponsible or unknowingly makes a wrong choice, the outcome would lead to severe consequences. In the “Greasy Lake,” “So Much Water So Close To Home,” and “Dimension” short stories, some of the characters made wrong choices, which resulted in severe consequences that caused them to either regret, be ashamed or be heartbroken....

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home care? Obama care includes provisions to enhance the field of home care. The home care section covers the section of the population that is either extremely ill or extremely frail that they cannot access the hospitals. Provisions of the Obama care improve the quality of home care while reducing the cost. The first provision of Obama care is the inclusion of home care among the ten essential benefits. The impact of this provision is that home care is made more appealing that expensive nursing care homes for the elderly, while the level of service delivery is still satisfactory. Where the cost of healthcare still exceeds the reimbursement by Medicaid, Obama care has a provision for copayment...

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Home using the lyrics of his student Antonin Dvorak. The song going home gained fame especially in funerals as it was sung in many funerals including President Gerald Ford’s and President Franklin Roosevelt’s funerals. The first controversy in this song “Going Home is most people are still in an argument on who composed the lyrics of the song. Some people say that it was Antonin Dvorak while others say that it was his student William Fisher. The truth of the matter is that William Fisher wrote the lyrics of this song, but Antonin Dvorak composed the song. The second controversy that exists in this song is whether home refers to heaven or actual earth home. An atheist will argue that home in...

home and family. It is the situation in the personal location of reality that the hidden mind will control all reactions of the human decision-making. What one human believes may not be another’s belief in the correct course of action. It is what makes humans alike and different at the same time. It is what makes the moral world go round and round, but the telescope effect allows humans to rationalize the situation into one they can live with, though not always the correct answer. That is unconscious bias. It is what ultimately makes humans, well human, and very fallible. Vedantam had it right about how the unconscious bias influences the moral decision making of all humans. Conclusion Most...