Carleton’s School of Social Work

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Student’s Name: Lecturer’s Name: Course: Date: My Interest in Studying at Carleton's School of Social Work My life, work, and professional experiences are the drive towards becoming a social work professional. Whereas I was brought up in a home with loving, caring and generous parents, life experience taught me that not everyone has such advantages. Professionally, my career as a sociology teacher influences my interest in studying social works. Being a sociologist, studying social work may help me change lives by making a difference to systems, people, and communities. Besides, my work experience as a sociologist inspires to study social works and becomes a social change agent. With work, life and professional experiences, I have developed social work values and ethics based on principles of justice, social change, and fairness. Therefore, studying social works makes me a competent social worker who can help the disadvantaged overcome various challenge. Even though many institutions train social workers, various factors influence my desire to pursue the course at Carleton's School of social work. I have chosen the institution because it is designed to help social workers cope with various social, political and economic challenges realized in various parts of the world (Carleton University School of Social Work 1). Particularly, studying the institution is good because its training emphasizes the production of social workers with a structural approach based on social justice and social change. My urge to study at Carleton's School of social work is also driven by the institution’s ability to work with diverse population. In other words, Carleton

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