Caring (name of the Book) – By Nel Noddings

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Caring: A Feminine Approach to Ethics & Moral Education Name Institution In her work “Caring, a feminine approach to ethics and moral education”; Nel Noddings disputes the existence of any system that examines the requirements for caring. Her argumentation that caring is more of the feminine ethics than the masculine ethics based on the fact that mothers have stronger feelings than fathers who believe in justice and fairness (Noddings, 1984). This then means that the principles and justice is the foundation upon which morals which are masculine are rooted. On the other hand, the feminine ethics are based on the responsiveness, relatedness, and the receptivity. Noddings associate the act of caring to be feminine though she does not imply that only mothers can do care, but for a long time it has been perceived to be a role of mothers. Noddings presents various ideas in her work the main idea being the ethics of caring. By examining the ethics of care, Noddings gives care a different notion from what it has been believed to base on the moral principles and reasoning. Instead, she claims those intending to care should do so based on the existing personal decision. According to what Nodding presents, the essence of caring is engulfed in the engrossment the caregivers have towards those being taken care off (Noddings, 1984). It then means that, for ethics of care, anyone intending to care about a person does it not based on the moral values and principles but based on the emotional feelings towards a person. Noddings argues that there are no automatic similarities in conditions and situations surrounding ethical and moral acts. Therefore, her discussion of care,

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