Caribbean Identity

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Caribbean Identity Name Institution Caribbean Identity Introduction and Overview The concept of identity frames is important in the modern world as it defines how people perceive themselves in their respective regions. Apart from allowing the individuals to identify themselves, the frames are also used by other to form an opinion of other people based on their identities. An identity refers to the unique attributes, manner, and style that define an individual or a group of people and even regions (UWI, 2018). People, objects, and places are thus distinctly recognized by their identities. While people’s identities may be personal choices there is a significant impact of societal and cultural influences on shaping the phenomenon. The two types of identity are a fact of identity and sense of identity. The fact of identity refers to the situational context upon which the individuals have based their perception of distinction. On the other hand, sense of identity is associated with the worldview or cosmology. People’s identities are therefore products of their social environments. The Caribbean identity is a source of debate with the proponents pointing out to the shared historical past and various institutions such as religion as the basis of their argument (Mintz and Price, 1985). On the other hand, the critics of the perspective outline diversity as a point that cannot make the region to have a single identity. This essay discusses the importance of the Caribbean identity to various territories and individuals in the region using a case of an individual from St. Kitty. Identity Frames in the Caribbean The Caribbean culture can be seen to arise from the

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