Careers Involving Working for oneself and for others

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Careers Involving Working for oneself and for others In career assessment, it is essential to consider the extent of the work involved in a given employment. This aspect denotes the distinction between those jobs that involve working for oneself only and those that extent to working for others. Careers that involve working for one and working for others have much connection with the high satisfaction of the work. This aspect emanates from the consideration that; there is a certain degree of comfort that emanates from working for others. When there is a mingling of working for oneself and others in careers, there is bound to be much satisfaction, (Gergely & Pierog, 2016). There is also an association of such kind of jobs with relieving of suffering and making a difference in people’s lives as one earns a living. The jobs or employment that involve working for oneself and others are mainly the social work careers. A good example is the public health career. In this kind of work, there is working for oneself in that one gets paid. The aspect of working for others is the concern that at times, one has to go beyond the call of the job to serve others in the health sector. Child welfare careers also involve working for oneself and others. One works for others as they have to tolerate with harsh conditions in some homes as they monitor the situation of the children. Usage of career assessment information leads to the discovery of career interests and abilities. For instance, I have the capacity to serve people beyond the call of duty due to my high level of patience. There is interest in a career that involves serving others such as engaging in a business that supplies

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