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CAREER GOAL STATEMENT Name Institution Career goals After completing my course in Sports, I aim to pursue a career in sports management. My career goal is to become the manager of an established American football team and promote the sports activities of talented individuals from across the nation and put their names in the limelight. I am seeking for a very challenging management position that requires hard work and determination to gain success. Furthermore, I aspire to become a remarkable leader who has the ability to acquire victories during sports tournaments and competitions and after considerable work experience aims for exceptional achievements that are historical. Rationalization It is evident that sports management is a very complex task that to some extent requires maneuvers and smart tactics to gain success. Since the establishment of sports, a long time ago, management has become the primary determinant of outcomes. It is clear that it is a devious duty whereby on one hand a manager has absolute power of winning competitions and on the other hand a mitigated vulnerability of getting defeated and humiliated. Despite that, it is my belief that I have what it takes to become an outstanding manager in sports. My course has prepared me abundantly for the task since I have the required attributes of becoming a leader. For instance, growing up I had a fair share of sports experience, and I have an awareness of pros and cons of American football. According to my knowledge, the sport requires individuals who have the commitment and a will to fight on. It has no room for people who give up and most importantly does not tolerate those who are vulnerable to

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