Carbon Footprint

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Carbon Footprint Carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon that an individual releases into the environment to cause a change in the greenhouse gas quantities and climate change. In fact, a review of the current global climatic conditions shows that temperatures have been steadily rising as a result of a greater increase in the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from human activity (Cowie 134-135). Overall, there is a lot of information provided on the effects of carbon pollution, to include altered weather patterns and devastating storms, and how they have caused food insecurity. The implication is that human activity must be reviewed with the view to reduce their carbon footprint (Nagle 32). There are a range of activities that can be undertaken to make this a reality and reduce the carbon footprint with the focus being on minimizing energy use. Firstly, energy appliances should be switched to those that are green energy compliant and use the least amount of energy. This includes using energy efficient lighting and switching to renewable energy sources such as solar energy (David 20). Secondly, food acquisition should focus on local sources so as to reduce the carbon footprint associated with food production (Hall 14). Thirdly, transportation should move away from personal vehicles towards public transit, walking, biking, and carpooling so as to reduce the carbon footprint associated with each individual. Fourthly, waste should be managed in the right way, by composting organic waste and recycling the other materials (such as bottles, cans and cardboards) so as to reduce the amount of emissions associated with disposing waste in landfills.

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