Capitalist Peace

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Capitalists believe in the creation of money and capital and investing the money in various businesses to promote the development of the nations. They also allow the private sectors to own property, rather than being owned by central governing bodies. Capitalist nations have developed ways of enhancing peace among the member states using different policies and theories. The capitalist aspects that enhance peace and reduce the possibilities of war are investment, capital openness, specialization, international trade, and division of labor. The observation of the capitalist is persuasive in their faces due to several reasons. The countries have formed many alliances amongst them. These institutions assist the member states in cooperating in regards to the military activities in the case of a fight. Specific standards of conducts or expectations about the way members should act have been established by these alliances to control their behaviors in certain situations (Robinson 350). Capitalists economies have, for example, arrange bargains between them, which resolve distributional concerns, including settling disagreements that might come in their way of collaboration or stating the extent of the contribution of each member state to the common venture. Similarly, the alliances formed by these economies are defensive in nature. This implies that the capitalist countries promise to join to each other’s protection in the circumstance that any of them is attacked. As a result, the countries cannot fight with each other but against an enemy country, which is not a capitalist member (Robinson 351). For example, the United States has established a defensive alliance with Canada,

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