Capital Sins

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Name: Course: Professor: Date: Capital Sins Conquerors of Brazil Brazil was colonized by Portugal and the country gained its independence from the Portuguese Crown Prince in 1889 and it retained its lands intact and in one piece after receiving it from the monarchy (Winn 166). It is the fifth in the world with the largest land area, population, and resources like it was once nicknamed ‘the coffee king’ for its large-scale cultivation of coffee which was exported to other countries. The second conquerors of Brazil were the armed military forces which seized power in 1964 led by General Humberto Castelo Brancho becoming the president with support from the United States and the upper and middle-class Brazilians. The Brazilian military army came with the promise of making the country great, in according to the grandeza notion believed by all Brazilian people. The idea of gradenza shows the vision of Brazil as a country destined for greatness. Its popular saying is ‘Brazil is the country of the future and it will always be.’ Importance of Brazil to Latin American History Brazil is important to the history of Latin America because it was the pacesetter in strategy development resulting in attainment of results which was followed by the other Latin American countries. The Brazil military came in power wanting to change the economy and its political habits. The military took power not only from the suspected civilian leaders for purposes of national security, but it was the first military regime to take control of a state with other agendas like economic development, political stability, and social discipline. This set a trend among the other Southern, Latin

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