Cancer of larynx

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Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Instructor Date Cancer of the Larynx Cancer of the larynx, also known as laryngeal cancer commences on the lower part of the throat (in the larynx). The larynx, commonly referred to as the voice box, is an anatomical organ containing vocal cords enabling humans to speak when air passes through it. Intrinsically, this organ is strategically placed above the tracheal opening. The larynx consists three parts: the glottis, supraglottis, and subglottis. According to the American Cancer Society, laryngeal cancer mostly affects the glottis. Additionally, the American Cancer Society contends that treatment for laryngeal cancer is dependent on the section from which the malady commenced. While there are no exact causes of laryngeal cancer, the risk factors include gender, age, poor nutrition, HPV, tobacco smoking and alcohol use. In this paper, a concise review will be conducted on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of laryngeal cancer. Symptoms of laryngeal cancer are dependent on the section the illness began. If laryngeal cancer occurs in the vocal cords, the main symptom is hoarseness CITATION Ame16 l 2057 (American Cancer Society). Symptoms such as constant coughing, incessant sore throat, difficulties in breathing and ear pain signify progression of cancer to other parts of the larynx. Diagnosis of laryngeal cancer includes a review of the patient’s medical history, laryngoscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, biopsy, positron emission tomography scan and chest x-rays. Additionally, diagnosis sets to establish the development stage of laryngeal cancer from 0 through to 4 and whether it is recurrent

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