Canada and American Federal Systems

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Canada is a constitutional monarchy with a Queen and a prime minister while America is a solely federal system headed by a president. These countries have a federal government overseeing national concerns while the provincial or state authorities handle local ones. Differences with the system occur in matters of power. For example, senators are voted in by the people in America while in Canada, the prime ministers appoint them. Additionally, the size of the government in America is big when compared to that of Canada. Canada happens to be more decentralized of the two and as such, individual provinces such as Ontario and Alberta have progressed economically over the yearsCITATION Bou16 p 67 l 1033 (Bourinot 67). The government of America should focus more on the reduction of expenditure with the hope of improving the lives of Americans. The strategy reduces the rate of unemployment because the private sector would produce more employment opportunities. Conclusively, Americans favor the rights of individuals than the Canadians when it comes to the appointment of government officials. However, the less centralized system of Canada encourages overall national growth. Similarities Canada and America have a federal system of government which shares certain features even though there are some differences. First of all, both countries have a written constitution which stipulates the rights and duties of each element in government and for their citizens. Secondly, Canada and America operate on the principle of common law where the guidelines developed apply to all residents within the countryCITATION Buc15 p 71 l 1033 (Buckley 71). As such, there is no individual greater than

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