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International Law Name: Institutional affiliation: According to Dinah Shelton, the international law systems always form a norms hierarchy. This norms hierarchy comes from where they originate. Hence, different issues have to be handled differently and are never equal regarding how they affect people. Hence, handling them requires one to understand the hierarchy quickly and hence be able to apply any steps that might be there in solving issues. Most of the time, solving issues with legal reasoning follows a natural process where solutions and reasoning come instinctively. To be able to work on the norms of the law, it is necessary that law is understood in its fundamental legal structure, (Shelton, 2006). The norms have to be understood in a way that they will not turn them into legally adhering ways. We are going to discuss the issues between the international law and the international legal system. In this way, we will understand the two properly and deeply. The legal system is obviously different from the law even as the names suggest. But as it should be noted, there is more to the definitions and meaning than just the names. The legal system seems to be a scheme of laws which governs the international bodies and members whereas the international law refers to a policy that is widely accepted internationally and must be followed. All international organizations just like the countries are continually assuming norms in a way that they do not feel legal obligations towards them. This is done through texts that do not have any forms of laws within them. Moreover, the same texts are being assumed by states in a way that they have a legal obligation towards

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