Can we know if we have a soul? What about other people or animals?

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First Name Last NameInstructor: Course: Date of Submission: The Soul Can we know if we have a soul? What about other people or animals? To answer the philosophical question, it is essential to understand what a soul is. Ideally, the soul is a spiritual part of the human beings and animals which is considered as immortal. The aspect has given rise to various controversial opinions among most philosophers and thus determining whether we have a soul can be a very challenging task. Nevertheless, the religious perspective plays a very significant role in how we view and perceive the world. The religious beliefs, therefore, help in analyzing such concepts. In this case, I believe I have a soul that fuels the conscious making me a person. However, it is not easy to tell if other persons or animals have souls. In the philosophical perspective, all organisms have souls, but there is a difference between the human soul and animal soul. In some believes the human soul is immortal and has the capability to exist in the life after the death of person either in hell or heaven. Alternatively, after the death of an individual, the soul can occupy any other living organisms such as animals. In this case, the past life of a person dictates the type of living organism that the soul will occupy after reincarnation. The souls to human beings living good and morally right lives occupy superior beings after reincarnation. According to this belief, then, animals have souls. Nevertheless, sometimes it is not easy to tell whether other people or animals have souls or not since no sufficient evidence illustrates the real existence of a soul. The beliefs are based on imagination and personal

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